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Written by Pn Khor Got Hun   
Saturday, 17 August 2013 09:43
Schools initiate rapid chess tournament
Planning ahead: A student from SMK Clifford making his move.Planning ahead: A student from SMK Clifford making his move.

KUANTAN: SM St Thomas and SM Clifford in Kuala Lipis organised a rapid chess tournament here recently.

The tournament, which saw the participation of 26 teams, was the first of its kind in the state.

“Chess is popular in our school,” said SM St Thomas principal Asruddin Abas.

“We held a tournament here last year but it was only among our own students.

This year, we decided to give our students better exposure by inviting other schools in Pahang to participate.

“I have to thank our Mathematics and Science Club advisor Khor Got Hun for initiating this effort,’’ he said.

Khor was also instrumental in helping organise the Noon Day Project in April this year.

Divided into seven rounds, the tournament involved one school team of four players going against another. Assisting in the programme was the school’s Chess Club advisor Khairunnisa Wahidduddin. Khairunnisa was the National Champion at the age of 20 and the first woman in Malaysia to be a member of the World Chess Federation or the French acronym, FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs).

“I started playing chess when I was 13 which is considered quite late. Even competitions now have an Under-8 category.”

She said chess provided a good form of mental exercise.

“It has helped improve my language skills too as most books about chess are in English,” she added. Khairunnisa noted that students who took up chess and became members of the club did better in class after a few months.

“In fact, there is a Grand Chess Master who has autism,” said Khairunnisa, adding that chess is also played by the visually impaired in the Paralympics.

Kuantan Chess Association president Asman Amin said most people do not view chess as a sport.

“Chess is a good exercise for your brain.

“Studies also show that people who play chess are able to think more logically,” Asman added.

The winner of the tournament was SM Abdul Rahman Talib, followed by SM Imtiaz YT, from Kuala Terengganu and SM Clifford A from Kuala Lipis.

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